Risk on Value DeFi


Value DeFi is a complete solution on the ETH and BSC networks that aims to bring fairness, true value, and innovation to decentralized finance through a suite of high-performing products and services.






Total value locked: $ 313,565,573

Market Cap: $ 14,400,061

                                                              UTC 2021.3.30 06:29



Type: BEP-20

VALUE Token Distribution:

Total Supply: 6,626,401

Circulating Supply: 6.220.177


Holders can stake their VALUE tokens into the vGovernance and participate in making governance decisions through voting. This includes voting on strategies and their parameters, token emission schedules and sharing of the profits made by the platform.

Besides holders who have put their VALUE in the vGovernance currently receive 14% of the profit made by Value Vaults and 35% of the swap fees made from trades on vSwap. These percentages are subjected to changes from Governance voting.


Structure: Delegated On-Chain Vote


vGovernance is open to all users that stake the Value token, in vGovernance. After staking, you will receive Governance rewards and be able to take part in the governance votings.

Stakers in the vGovernance receive a share of all profits from the Value DeFi ecosystem. These include the income streams below:

The deposited idle VALUE can be used to farm other protocols, rewards get sold to buy more VALUE.

14% of the profit from the vSafes is used to buy VALUE, this is shared over the vGovernance stakers.

vGovernance also gets 35% of the swap fees from vSwap.

Official Links

Website: ValueDeFi

Github: valuedefi · GitHub

Contracts on BSC: 0x4f0ed527e8a95ecaa132af214dfd41f30b361600

Roadmap: Value DeFi: Bringing True Value to DeFi

Risk Framework

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