Risk on IceCream Swap


Delicious&Creamy AMM! Yield Farming & Vault on Binance Smart Chain.

The milk is heated, the eggs are whipped, we added some light cream and vanilla, then we frozed it. Now it’s time to get some ICE CREAM!

Stake ICE CREAM earn more ICE CREAM + Swapping and Vault fees!

Swap fees will be redistributed to all stakers and 1% harvest rewards will be burn. Stackers will also earn on vaults fee’s in LP BNB and in the near future will be able to earn tokens from associated projects.






Total value locked: $ 331,454.34

Market Cap: N/A

                                                             UTC 2021.04.08 05:35


NAME: Gelato(GLTO)

Type: BEP-20

GLTO Token Distribution:

Total Supply: 1,924,752

Circulating Supply: 1,924,752


Mining Rewards

Official Links

Website: https://icecreamswap.finance/

Github: IceCreamSwap (IceCreamSwap) · GitHub

Contracts on BSC: 0x096901973AC5b4dd14728fAE04597b90B2a47da9

Roadmap: RoadMap - IceCreamSwap 2.0.

Audit Report: BSC GEMZ

Risk Framework

5% of the minted ICS tokens go to the dev fund.

5% of ICS harvests are taxed and go to a tax address. This could be raised up to 10% of ICS harvests.

In the documentation (https://ice-creamswap.gitbook.io/icecreamswap/roadmap/tokens-distributions), it is mentioned that taxed funds are burned. The taxed funds could be used for purposes other than burning if the destination address is an account that can arbitrarily initiate token transfers.

There is a lack of any test coverage for any of the smart contracts provided.