Risk on ForTube


ForTube is a DeFi money market platform based on The Force Protocol. The Force Protocol is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) service protocol built on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum.

There are currently two products provided by ForTube:

ForTube Bank is a liquidity pool based lending protocol that enables anyone to supply digital assets to earn interest, or borrow against a collateral. It supports a wide range of digital assets, and the borrowing & lending rates are algorithmically adjusted to incentivise and foster maximum liquidity in pools.

ForTube Bond is a liquidity pool based bond financing protocol with fixed term and fixed interest rates for digital assets’ lenders and borrowers.

ForTube’s latest public audit reports are provided by SlowMist and CertiK.


NGC Ventures



Total value locked: $ 9,987,457

Total value locked on Ethereum: $ 7,877,659

Total value locked on BSC: $ 2,109,798

Market Cap: $ 37,537,042

                                                             UTC 2021.04.06 08:23



Type: ERC-20

FOR Token Distribution:

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Circulating Supply: 563,718,021

Founders and ForTube development team: 15%

Force Protocol Foundation: 25%

community ecosystem building: 30%

Donation of Strategic investors and Community: 30%


Participate in ForTube Bond Rating Voting

Community raters who hold the Force Protocol ecosystem token FOR can participate in bond credit rating. After understanding the bond issuance information, the rater locks his FOR asset to a certain rating level, and the FOR will be released when the rating is over.

Participate in The Governance Of ForTube

Long-term supporters of FOR can participate in the governance of ForTube platform. Participating in governance will be rewarded with service fees. Locking FOR to the ForTube Staking contract can obtain governance voting token GFOR, which is issued according to a certain proportion of the locked amount of FOR. GFOR can only be used for governance voting and will be destroyed when users redeem FOR. The voted proposal can modify and adjust the key system variables of ForTube Bond and ForTube Bank.


Structure: Delegated On-Chain Vote

Details: Locking FOR to the ForTube Staking contract can obtain governance voting token GFOR, which is issued according to a certain proportion of the locked amount of FOR.

Official Links

Website: ForTube

Whitepaper: https://for.tube/ForTube_whitepaper_en.pdf

Github: thefortube · GitHub

Contracts: Binance : 0xc78248D676DeBB4597e88071D3d889eCA70E5469

Roadmap: ForTube 2021 Roadmap. In 2021, the DeFi industry will… | by ForTube | ForTube | Medium

Risk Framework


Permission control

The permission management in “ACL.sol” is that the administrator and “owner” are together. Even if two “modifiers” are used separately in “ACL.sol”, both modifiers need to be used all the time where they are called, so this issues will not be fixed.

Multiple Rating

This is in line with the original design, and users can modify the previous voting options.

Excessive auditing authority

If this permission is subdivided, it will increase the complexity of the system. Under the current design, even if the “Auth” private key is lost, the lost “Auth” private key can still be disabled by Multi-Sign, and this permission has no right to use the user’s funds, so the user’s funds are still safe.

Possible compatibility issues

This is currently not found to have an impact on the contract.

Validation can be bypassed

This should be an ID issues. When the system is affected by this kind of problem, you can disable the corresponding “validation” by Multi-Sign and restore the original logic.

Redundant code

The unverified parameters are unimportant parameters and have little impact on the contract. So this issue will not be fixed.

BANK 2.0

Authentication check bypassing

Not set gas limit to external call

Missing check

Precision issue

System unavailability

Missing check