Risk on Autofarm


AutoFarm aggregates the best vaults on BSC and implements the most optimal strategies to maximize users’ yields.

The AUTO token is the platform’s native token, with a max supply of 80,000. AUTO holders benefit from a small fee on profits from Autofarm vaults. To be distributed to platform users till approximately Nov 2021. There was no pre-sale, no pre-farm.

AUTO holders will also benefit from the expansion of the Autofarm ecosystem. Expansion plans include a highly efficient DEX aggregator.






Total value locked: $ 1,253,481,570

Total value locked on HECO: $ 13,321,895

Total value locked on BSC: $ 1,240,428,559

Market Cap: $ 75,902,652

                                                              UTC 2021.3.26 02:30



Type: BEP-20

AUTO Token Distribution:

Total Supply: 80,000

Circulating Supply: 14,600 AUTO


Mining Rewards

Official Links

Website: https://autofarm.network/

Github: GitHub - autofarm-network/autofarmV2

Contracts on BSC: 0x0895196562C7868C5Be92459FaE7f877ED450452

Audit Report: https://beta.autofarm.network/audit_vidar_autofarm_v2.pdf

Risk Framework

AUTOToken has minting capabilities, however the owner is moved to AutoFarm contract so it does not possesses any risks.

Solidity integer division might truncate. It may happen that performing multiplication before division might reduce precision.

Different versions of solidity used

The project lacks any automatic testing and tests scripts. Hence the full business logic functionality was not tested.