Risk on ACryptoS


Introduction to Advanced Yield Farming Strategies with ACryptoS

ACryptoS offers three products on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

ACryptoS Vaults (Yield Farming Optimizer)

ACryptoS StableSwap (Stablecoin Decentralized Exchange (DEX) )

Acryptos Farms (where native tokens of ACryptoS, namely ACS and ACSI are farmed)

1. ACryptoS Vaults (Yield Farming Optimizer)

ACryptoS Vaults grow your assets (tokens) via automated Yield Strategies.

The Vaults achieve highest possible yields through:

Unparalleled creative automations

Optimal compounding frequency

Highly efficient gas utilisation

When you deposit into a Vault, your tokens will grow over time at the fastest optimized yield automatically.

There is no need to manually harvest the Vault.

2. ACryptoS StableSwap (Stablecoin DEX)

ACryptoS StableSwap is an automated market maker (AMM) protocol based on Curve’s specialized algorithm tailored for stable coins. ACryptoS is offering the first AMM for stable coins based on this algorithm on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Trading on the Binance Smart Chain is both faster and significantly cheaper than trading on the Ethereum chain. ERC-20 Tokens can be crossed over from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain via the Binance Bridge.

Acryptos StableSwap enables efficient stablecoin trading at best prices which is

~10x cheaper;

~100x less slippage when trading stable coins compared to the various UniSwap type AMMs available.

3. ACryptoS Farms

ACryptoS Farms are the places where native tokens of ACryptoS, ACS and ACSI tokens are distributed.

Once assets are deposited into a Vault or StableSwap product, users have the option to stake the vault or liquidity tokens they receive back respectively into the corresponding farm.

ACryptoS Vault tokens will yield ACS, and ACryptoS StableSwap Liquidity Provider tokens will yield ACSI as reward in their respective farms.

Things to note:

You will need to stake your tokens in the Vaults to farm the native tokens. (ACS/ACSI)

Farms do not automatically compound and require manual harvesting by the user.

Auto-compounding ACS/ACSI Vaults for already harvested or purchased ACS and ACSI tokens are offered on the platform as well.






Total value locked: $ 281,293,987

ACS Market Cap: $ 31,928,041

ACSI Market Cap: $ 4,173,070

                                                              UTC 2021.3.26 06:23



Type: BEP-20

ACS Token Distribution:

Total Supply: 522,454

Circulating Supply: 522,391


Mining Rewards


Type: BEP-20

ACSI Token Distribution:

Total Supply: 452,697

Circulating Supply: 452.697






ACS held in the ACS Vault and ACSI held in the ACSI Vault are our governance tokens. Voting weight is measured in ACS, using the prevailing ACS-ACSI exchange rate.

A minimum of 88 ACS is required to create new community proposals.

Official Links

Website: https://app.acryptos.com/

Github: ACryptoS :: Advanced Crypto Strategies

Contracts on BSC: 0x4197c6ef3879a08cd51e5560da5064b773aa1d29



PCS Vaults strategy created

Venus Vaults strategy created

verified and published all sources codes for all contracts

ACS used as governance token

Core DAO created

Coinmarketcap listing

Coingecko listing

Defistation listing

DappRadar listing

Mathwallet dapp store listing

Coinbase prices listing


----- Q1 ------

ACS max supply cap set by governance vote

ACSI max supply cap set by governance vote

1st ACS emission cut

ACSI added as governance token

First audit by Defiyield

Second audit by Hacken (V2 farm contracts audited)

Hotbit listing

Dfox.cc portfolio tracker listing

Yieldwatch.net portfolio tracker listing

Adjusted Stableswap fees to further lead the way on BSC

Continuous addition of new high quality Vaults&Farms PCS/Venus

ACryptoS UI v1.5

Migration of all ACS v1 Farms to v2 Farms

Add SwipeSwap Vaults&Farms

----- Q2 ------

Continuous addition of new high quality Vaults&Farms

ACryptoS UI v2

Stableswap UI v2

2nd ACS emission reduction

ACSI emission reduction to match ACS emission curve

Insurance integration

Additional audits

Migration of all ACSI farms to v2

Use vaulted ACSI as yield booster for ACSI farms

----- Q3 ------

3rd ACS emission reduction

2nd ACSI emission reduction

Audit Report:

DefiYield: acryptos-protocol/20210128-defiyield.info.pdf at main · acryptos/acryptos-protocol · GitHub

Hacken: acryptos-protocol/20210218-Hacken-ACryptoSFarmV2.pdf at main · acryptos/acryptos-protocol · GitHub

Certik: acryptos-protocol/20210324-Certik-StrategyACryptoSCakeTokenTokenV2.pdf at main · acryptos/acryptos-protocol · GitHub

Risk Framework