Major improvements needed

1.) Be more responsive in the telegram channel
2.) Fix the Medium link at the bottom of the homepage that links to another project
3.) Respond to e-mails in a timely manner (I sent one several days ago, no reply)
4.) Easy links to the cover wallet addresses for transparency so we don’t have to dig through a whitepaper
5.) Slightly higher interest rates so that it is more profitable for SOTE holders
6.) Fix wsote to sote slippage
7.) Add more projects quickly.
8.) Much more aggressive marketing and promotions. There has only been two covers bought in the past week!
9.) Don’t schedule an AMA, announce an AMA, and then cancel an AMA.
10.) Ability to buy cover using native ETH and the ability to buy cover if Binance runs with all the money.

In case you haven’t heard Shield Finance is coming, so if you want this to succeed you’re going to have to work harder in my opinion.

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  1. Mirror Nexus Mutual more closely…
  2. Remove KYC references for coverage, only required from potentially rug-pulling teams seeking listings
  3. 30 day lockup in staking pools, not 90 days…
  4. Default non-selective coverage option where SOTE stake covers ALL listed protocols…no need to understand/risk assess each one
  5. Investment earnings from staked BNB/SOTE
  6. Clearly require proof of loss for pay outs on coverage
  7. Shield mining
  8. Cover for Binance custodian…like Nexus Mutual

I’d like more such kind of discussions. Some of suggestions are about community operating. I would like to advocate more involvements from the community. This forum is the first step. Also governance voting need your support. Please not only ask the team, but also contribute as you can.
The team is working hard on one update right now, which will be released in next few weeks. Please pay attention to the annoucement.
Some other suggestions are similar to here The Future and Thoughts on Soteria Roadmap | by SoteriaMutual | Feb, 2021 | Medium We do care a lot other competitors, including shield finance, insurace,
By the way, Binance Smart Chain ecosystem grows really fast, more and more Dapps & values move to BSC. I don’t think we should worry whether Binance run away with money.
Thank you for your support!

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