Buybacking $wSOTE

Given that the price difference between $SOTE and $wSOTE is too big, I suggest the team to withdraw some of the BNB from Capital Pool for buybacking $wSOTE to keep the price stable and better protect the interests of holders.

How do you think of that?


It sounds a good suggestion, agree this.

I think it’s a good way to keep the price stable, looking forward to this.

i like this suggestion.

I bought some SOTE via pancakeSwap. I hope buyback could prefer a good price.

I like this suggestion and look forward to the launch of this feature.

Will repurchase affect currency prices? Will it cause currency price fluctuations?

This is a good idea and very supportive.

I only care about this exchange rate.

I hope SOTE appreciates as soon as possible. I am very optimistic about this application

I think it would be better when wsote is lower than SOTE to give the possibility to buy cover through wsote only instead of bnb

I say let the market decide the price of wsote. I don’t see any benefit of taking from the liquidity pool to buy up wsote.